Copper Roofs: How Long Do They Last?

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Curium, the Latin name for copper, lends to its symbol Cu on the periodic table of the elements. Copper is a metal with history, with a relatively low melting point, awesome chemical properties, and a natural abundance, it has fueled trade, art, and architecture for millennia. The history of copper is long-standing, but how long can a single piece of copper hold up to the elements? This question has been tested repeatedly by people who have chosen to install copper roofing, and the short answer is, a very long time!

Copper Talk

Copper roofs are stylish and add a note of elegance to your home’s already fabulous exterior, and the most important benefit of copper roofing is that it lasts. Some estimates for copper roofing place its lifespan in between 60 and 100 years, but other estimates show that with proper care, your copper roof can outlive you by centuries! This metal is truly a star in terms of roofing, and it makes sense as to why it would be a popular choice for covering the homes of many!

Durability and Elegance

Copper is a pure metal that holds up well to the elements. Think about the Statue of Liberty, she is made of an iron frame with a copper exterior. She still looks nearly brand new, but as of 2022, she is 147 years old! Copper holds up well to time because it has a unique oxidation process. The Statue of Liberty was not always green, but rather the shade of a shiny new penny for the first years of her life, but as time and oxidation continued, she turned a lovely shade of blue green. This is a chemical reaction between the copper surface and the air that creates a form of copper carbonate which develops the lovely protective teal layer known as a patina.

Copper exposed to the elements will eventually develop this patina if it is not regularly cleaned and polished, but it is usually a desired effect for the roof to slowly become greenish blue, it is an elegant way for a home to age. You can get the roof to shine again if you so desire by using a special cleaning solution and applying a protectant, though this is usually best left to the professionals to ensure no damage takes place.

A Solid Investment

Copper is quite literally a solid investment for your roofing material. Copper roofs come in many styles to suit your needs. Regardless of the look of your copper roof, it will be a stunning and nearly permanent addition to your home’s exterior as when they are properly taken care of, copper roofs should be preserved indefinitely, making this an investment that you can truly count on. 

The Test of Time

Even when you are old and gray, your copper roof will shine brightly, protecting the valuable contents of your house! Copper roofing lasts far longer than any other type of roofing material, and it has an elegant aging process to boot! If you are interested in getting a copper roof installed on your home or business, or if you need any other roofing or exterior upgrade services, give Tesson Roofing a call for a consultation!