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Before the repair, replacement or installation of any roofing system can be successfully brought underway, a thorough inspection must first be conducted. Without looking into the history of a home or a building’s roofing system, any number of critical conditions could go unnoticed, unreported, and consequently un-rectified. Therefore, at Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, we spare no expense in the assessments we conduct when inspecting the roofing system of a potential project.

Thorough in our inspection and meticulous in our approach, we cover all the bases when inspecting the roofing system of a residential home or commercial building. In this way, we can ensure our customers that nothing has been overlooked or unexplained before we prescribe the appropriate course of action for moving forward. In our assessment of your roofing system, we will be looking for particular circumstances that could alert us to potential issues that will need to be addressed either before or during the repair / replacement of your roof. Specifically, inspections look to identify the following:

  • The approximate life expectancy of your roof
  • The overall performance of your roof
  • The issues that could be encountered upon installation
  • The repairs that will be necessary before moving forward
  • The conditions that will be required to maintain your roof
  • The possible need for full replacement of your roof


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The Importance of Roofing Inspections.

It is unwise to move forward with a repair, replacement, or new roofing installation without first having the roof inspected by a professional. How else can you know if you are proceeding with the best choice for the building’s current conditions. Roof replacements should not be executed if the current roofing system has not met the moisture survey, nor should a repair be performed before knowing all of the conditions of the roof.

Repairs and replacements that proceed without proper inspection beforehand can easily go awry. In fact, if the roofing contractor or company that you have hired to work on your home or business does not insist upon inspecting the roofing system prior to their work, you should be alerted to a problem. All too frequently, under-qualified contractors take on jobs for which they are unprepared. The end result? Usually, a roof that is damaged even further.

Roofing inspections do not have to significantly delay the progress of your project. In fact, conducted by the right professionals, these inspections will do nothing more than ensure that the project is executed as quickly and safely as possible. At Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, our expert contractors have spent years inspecting and working on roofing systems throughout Missouri, and we have perfected the art of conducting thorough inspections in a time efficient manner. To learn more, contact our office today.