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Gutter Guards

Our Gutter Protection system integrates cuttingedge technology, functionality, and performance, delivering a highly effective and durable solution for your gutter guard needs. Homeowners across Missouri and Illinois can trust in the commitment
of Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC, where we use only quality materials for every gutter guard project we undertake. Additionally, we offer a 10-year labor warranty on installations for added peace of mind.

For Existing Gutters:

The Gutter Clean System® is a specially designed gutter guard that ensures year-round clear gutters. Installed on your existing gutters, this innovative guard effectively blocks debris and leaves, preventing water from reaching the fascia and your basement. Featuring a perforated aluminum surface, the Gutter Clean System allows debris to sit on top, dry out, and be effortlessly carried away by the breeze. With Alu-Rex, experience peace of mind as we provide a 25-year warranty for clog-free gutters.

For New Gutters:

We are proud to install the world’s best gutter guard: the DoublePro® microfiltration Continuous Hanger™ system. Offering superior strength, advanced engineering, and a selfcleaning design, it’s the ultimate in eavestrough protection. The DoublePro® is the result of more than three years of research and development to ensure peak performance. The double layer of aluminum reduces the risk of clogging, for both the gutter and the gutter guard itself.

The VORTEX™ effect utilizes capillary action to attract water to the gutter. The suction generated by the two membranes enables the drainage of three times more water than that observed during the most intense storms. The inner membrane draws water through the wider openings.

The built-in ECLIPSE™ technology not only lets water to pass through but also permits the flow of viscous debris, which is often the cause of clogged gutters. The offset holes in the two membranes block everything except the fine debris that the gutter is designed to handle. This design enables water to drain freely while preventing pine needles and leaves from causing any clogs.

360° Lifetime Clog-Free Warranty

Alu-Rex’s flagship product is covered by the most extensive warranty in the industry: a lifetime warranty on materials, durability, and clog-free performance. DoublePro® is the only gutter guard whose clog-free warranty covers pine areas.