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Gutter Guards – Certified RHINO Dealer

RHINO Gutter Guards integrate cutting edge technology, functionality and performance, and cost-savings to create a highly effective and durable gutter guard system. Homeowners throughout Missouri and Illinois can be confident knowing that as Certified RHINO Dealers committed to working with only the highest quality materials, Tesson Roofing & Exteriors uses RHINO brand gutter protection systems for every gutter guard project we perform. We also offer a 10-year labor warranty on the installation.

Why we use the RHINO Guard System


  • Micron-sized stainless steel mesh openings prevent even the smallest debris from passing through the gutter, and are the optimal size for transporting water away from the home while keeping debris out.
  • Embossed textured aluminum body to help with self-shedding of debris. As opposed to a smooth texture, embossing minimizes the surface area debris comes into contact with and reduces the chance of debris sticking.
  • Patented mesh hem process creates a smooth and tight mesh surface to help with self-shedding.


RHINO brand gutter guards offer fewer failures and easy self-shedding compared to other systems on the market. The system performs exceptionally well at protecting gutters from debris, which can create a whole host of unwanted and costly problems. Unprotected gutters, for example, can lead to unwanted pests, termites, and rodents, as well as overflow that may cause damage and mold.


Aside from saving home owners considerable costs in maintenance and home damage repairs, RHINO gutter guards offer further cost-efficiency through the use of a streamlined manufacturing process. RHINO gutter guards are made solely in the United States and are produced with low overhead. The savings are passed directly onto us – the contractors – who in turn pass it on to homeowners.

30-year warranty

RHINO gutter guards are backed by a 30-year warranty, nearly unheard of in the industry. Although some products may claim to offer lifetime warranties, many of these are only legally valid for 5 years.

Your home is one of your most important investments. Protect it with high-quality gutter guards installed by certified and experienced contractors. For more information about the RHINO system and how our St. Louis roofing company can be of service, call (314) 932-1042.