It is almost summer! Have you finished your spring cleaning honey-do-list?

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Summer officially starts on June 21st, although it definitely feels like it is already here! If you haven’t finished your spring cleaning list, don’t worry as you still have time to prepare your home for the hot and humid months to come! Spring is a big season for home maintenance, especially on the exterior as it’s just gone through winter and is preparing for summer heat and humidity.

Here is a list of some household task to complete to ready your home’s exterior for summer.

Check the exterior drainage and gutters. Does rain water flow away from the house? Are puddles standing around for more than 24 hours? If water stays, or moves toward your foundation, check your gutters for debris, make sure they are attached properly and are draining properly. Look for dirt buildup on your siding as this is a sign they are clogged or need to be replaced. Leaves can build up in gutters, causing water to pool. You can also DIY or have a professional help grade the area around your home.

Check for buildup on your roof. Do a visual inspection for moss on your roof. Moss and algae grow rampantly in the spring and summer and can quickly cover your roof. Moss causes moisture damage and rotting of the wood underneath.

Check ventilation. Check your attic for proper ventilation. Hot air rises through the attic and can become trapped without proper ventilation. This leads to moisture problems that, without fail, shorten the life of your roof.

Inspect your shingles. Walk around your home and look for sagging, or missing shingles. Of course any internal signs of water seepage such as stains on your ceiling or bubbling paint indicate a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

Inspect the exterior of your home. Is any paint chipping? Is any siding damaged from winter? Are there any holes in your brick? Take a close look all around your house, and make any repairs as needed. Also be sure to check the foundation for any cracks. A good silicone/caulk can fix a lot of your problems.

Repair/replace damaged window screens. Help keep bugs out of your home by fixing damaged screens. Most are quick fixes and some require new screens.

​Do a visual check of any trees interfering with electric lines. Do not attempt cutting away any branches without the help of a professional.

Regular seasonal inspections help keep small problems small. Many of them you can try to do it yourself or call us and one of our expert service technicians can come out to help with many home exterior odd jobs and light carpentry work. Call us today at (314) 932-1042 to make an appointment!