January 12, 2013


How many people do you know who take excellent care of their physical health? Do most of your friends and family do a so-so job of exercising, watching their diet and getting enough rest, and only get truly concerned about their health after they become ill or injured? How about car care? Do most people you know only take their cars to the mechanic when it has broken down, or do many of your associates bring their vehicles in for regular check-ups and routine maintenance care? The fact is that with anything you own, it is nearly always better to take good care of it while it is still in good working order, rather than waiting until there is a serious problem which demands immediate attention.


The same is true about your roof. Whether it is a residence or a commercial building, the roof is one of the few things which you cannot do without, and when there is a major problem with the roof it can cause enormous disruption to whatever goes on inside the building—living your normal life at home or conducting business at a company. Yet for all this, many property owners entirely neglect to have their roofs inspected, and will only ever think about getting repairs done after a big problem has arisen, such as a leaky ceiling or a hole in the roof.


Save Money by Spending Money

Waiting until this point is a big mistake, given that the expense of performing major repairs or even a full roof replacement are far greater than what it would cost to have regular inspections and maintenance done. Any roof will only last just so long, but it is possible to significantly extend the life of yours by having one of the expert contractors at Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC come out on a regular basis to check it over and identify any issues as they arise. By performing small repairs and minor fixes before the problem gets out of hand, you can often save yourself enormous amounts of money in the long run. A regular inspection may identify issues such as loose or missing shingles, algae growing underneath or between the shingles, buckling or rotting rafters, curling shingles, clogged gutters and more.


In addition to fixing these, the contractor can also estimate how much longer your roof has before a replacement will be necessary, so that you can begin saving for this investment now rather than being forced to come up with it on an emergency basis. As a general rule, this routine inspection and maintenance should be performed at least twice a year, though factors such as the location of the building, the roofing materials and local weather conditions may make a more or less frequent inspection advisable.




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