6 Tips on Keeping a Better Roof

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6 Tips on Keeping a Better Roof

Glamourous. That’s the word most homeowners would love to hear when their house is being described by their friends and neighbors. You devote a lot of time to your landscape, exteriors, and interiors, but something that often gets overlooked is roofing. Your roof is always there, through thick and thin, storms and clear weather, and it doesn’t complain, but taking time to give your roof some tender loving care will give it a happier (and longer) life. Keeping a better roof will not only make your home more beautiful, but it will save you money!

Is Your Roof Photo Worthy?

Maybe people aren’t pulling into your driveway to take selfies with your home (or maybe they are), but they are certainly looking at it as they drive, run, or bike by. Most people’s eyes are initially drawn to landscaping and siding as well as any decorations you may have, but eventually their eyes will assess the roof, and if they find a damaged, cracked, moss-infested roof, they will likely not be pleased. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t care what other people think, but keeping your roof photo-worthy will make it less likely to need major repairs or premature replacement, which is a great deal for all involved!

Tips and Tricks

Cleaning is Key

People forget that roofs need cleaning just like any other part of the home. Cleaning your roof can be a simple task with a good quality broom made for roofing, a water hose, and a good quality cleaning solution. However, never put yourself in danger, and contact your local roofing service if you need assistance in making your roof shine!

Tree Talk

Trees make your home shine with natural beauty, but it is important that they don’t put your roof in danger. When planting new trees, it is a good idea to plant them far enough away from your home so that they do not put it at risk of damage should they fall when they grow to full size. Additionally, for trees that are already near your home, trimming overhanging branches will help keep both major damage and small debris away from your roof.

Clear the Gutters

Something you may not initially think about with roofing is the close relationship between your gutters and the roof. Making sure your gutters are clean and running smoothly will keep water from pooling under your roof which could lead to damage and rotting of the roofing material, resulting in a larger repair need.

Storm Preparation

If you live in an area with a high storm rate, installing safety features to your roof such as icebreakers and wind protection devices can help to minimize your need for repairs and replacements.

Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections on your roof (at least once or twice per year) can help you to catch small issues before they require more extensive repairs. Getting your roof professionally inspected is also a great idea if you are unsure about inspecting your roof by yourself!

Maintenance and Small Repairs

Performing roof maintenance and taking the time to address small repair needs when they arise will make your roof look better and increase its lifespan. Well-maintained roofs can last up to twice if those that have not been well taken care of.

Final Thoughts

If your roof isn’t looking or functioning at its fullest potential, following these simple tips can help you make the most of your roof’s beauty! Roofing care is not difficult, it just takes a small investment of time and money that will save you plenty of time and money in the long run because you will be at a lessened risk of needing major repairs or replacements! If you need a professional roofing service, contact Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC for a free consultation!