Be a Roof Detective- A Guide to Finding Leaks

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Be a Roof Detective- A Guide to Finding Leaks

There are some moments in time where it feels like you are a detective, like when you’re trying to locate your glasses, the car keys, or your favorite accessories. In these moments, most of us realize that we are not detectives for a very good reason. However, when your roof leaks, practicing your detective skills can save you a lot of money. So, strap on your magnifying goggles, and get ready to find those leaks!

Deductive Reasoning

You spot water falling from your ceiling during a rainstorm, or you see some discoloration on your walls, what do you do next? Because leaks can be very damaging to your home’s walls, floors, and roof, you should act quickly, but remain calm. First, if water is falling right now, dry your floor or wall, and try to position a bucket under the dripping to catch excess. After that, the hunt begins. 

Usually leaks don’t just show up, they build up to a point where you can see them. The good news is leaks like these can be found easily. A quick strategy to remember when you are looking for a roof leak is to first follow water stains in your attic to their point of origin, look for damaged insulation, and then see if there is anything coming through your roof that may have caused the damage in the first place. 

You’ve Found It!

Eureka! You located the leaky spot, and you found the culprit for causing this damage. Now it’s time to think about fixing your roof. Some damage can be easily remediated with some simple patching of the damaged roofing material, but other times, your leaking roof may require a more heavy-duty fix. Sometimes replacing small areas of your roof can be enough to stop leaks for a long time, but other times, you may need to replace your roof particularly if it has been aging for a long time. 

To best determine the kind of fix you need, it’s usually best to go to the professionals to ascertain the correct strategy for addressing your leak unless you are particularly experienced in roof repair. Additionally, if you suspect there is a leak, and are having trouble locating it, the professionals can help with this as well! 

Things to Remember

If your roof is leaking, you should act quickly as a leak left alone can cause bigger problems. Remember that as you are trying to find the leak and repair it that you are taking every precaution to remain safe and healthy, and if you are feeling like it may be too big of a challenge to handle alone, don’t risk the injury, and call a professional roofing service. 

If you are worried about leaks but are not sure if there is one, contacting an experienced roofing service for a roof inspection can help reassure you and discover any leaks or high-risk zones. As you embark on your roof detective mission, remember the pros are always here to support you and ensure your home is safe from water damage. If you need an experienced roofing service for a leak or any roof related needs, contact Tesson Roofing today for a free estimate!