Best Certainteed Landmark Shingle Colors

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Best Certainteed Landmark Shingle Colors

One of the biggest decisions in the roof replacement process is color. Choosing the right color of roofing material for your home can be difficult, especially when every color is well crafted and beautiful such as in the case of Certainteed Landmark Shingles. Choices about your home can be hard, especially when it comes to exterior colors, but taking the time to consider all your options ensures your home’s exterior will be stunning!

Great Shingles

Every great roof begins with great roofing material and choosing a brand you can trust is important. Certainteed Landmark shingles have been trusted by many building companies for years for their quality and durability as well as their ease of installation and features that prevent premature aging! On top of these benefits, Certainteed Landmark shingles come in over 20 colors, making it possible to match your home’s aesthetic perfectly!

Aesthetics at the Forefront

Adorning your home with lovely siding, windows, and doors greatly improves your ‘curb appeal’ (a qualitative assessment of how nice your home looks from the road) and choosing a roofing material that matches or complements the other features of your home ices the metaphorical cake that is your home’s exterior. Just as sweet as your home’s exterior is the array of colors available through Certainteed.

Don’t Compromise on Color

The design of your home relies on color and patterning, so it is incredibly important to choose colors wisely! Some of our favorite Certainteed Landmark Shingle colors include:

  • Max Def Weathered Wood, a lovely dimensional color that mimics weathered wooden shake. This color would be great for homes that have a darker exterior color.
  • Burnt Sienna, this rich deep brown color is stunning and would look incredible on a home with nearly any type of siding, though blue and light colors match especially well.
  • Resawn Shake, this color mimics real wood that has been sanded to look new. This color would be very nice with yellow, white, or gray siding.
  • Hunter Green, a unique color that will make your home pop! Hunter green looks especially nice with tan or brown siding.
  • Charcoal Black, an elegant dimensional take on a classic shingle color that would match any home especially those with brick walls or tan siding!

These are only some of the colors available through Certainteed, and you can view the whole variety of colors they offer here. Additionally, you can experiment with shingle and siding colors using their home viewer. Choosing the best shingles for your property is entirely up to you, so choose what appeals to your eyes, because you are the person who will look at your home every day! However, if you need help choosing, Tesson Roofing & Exteriors has experts that can give you advice on which colors could make your home stand out in its beauty!

The Best Look for your Property

Certainteed Landmark Shingles are well known for their reliable and well-made shingles that come in a wide variety of colors to match the exterior of any home! If you need a roof replacement with plenty of options to best suit your home, contact Tesson Roofing and Exteriors, LLC today for a free consultation!