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Drydecking Installation

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Drydecking installation provided by Tesson Roofing & Exteriors

Underdecking is a system that is made up of panels and gutters that are positioned underneath your deck to keep space dry. It resolves issues of drainage and stability by using gutters, downspouts, ceiling panels, and support braces. Water is directed away from your house using a system of downspouts to transfer water into gutters.

Dryspace by timbertech

DrySpace was created with second-story decks in mind. It gathers and directs moisture from the areas between boards with an out of sight underdeck drainage system. DrySpace allows you to create more usable, livable space outdoors by turning lower-level patios into leisure and storage areas.

Benefits of drydecking

The space below the underdecking system protects your outdoor living space from the elements such as rain, snow, and hot temperatures. It also prevents rotting and decay, requires minimal maintenance, and enhances the appearance of your outdoor space.

Timbertech material

Tesson Roofing & Exteriors uses DrySpace from TimberTech. DrySpace is made of solid extruded vinyl that provides extreme strength, stability, and weather resistance. It is material you can rely on for a long time.

25- year limited warranty

DrySpace comes with a 25-year limited warranty with the promise of protection from peeling, cracking, and more.

Before and After

Decking before adding DrySpace may become rotten and start to decay, causing water to fall onto the outdoor living space.

The outdoor living space can be used like it was meant to be, all the while looking aesthetically beautiful.

Why Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC

In the past 20 years, many of the nation’s asphalt shingle manufacturers have been using less asphalt to make shingles and replacing it with low-quality limestone. As a result, most roof shingles are drier, more brittle, and more prone to damage than they should be. Even shingles that have a 30-year warranty must be replaced within the first 10-15 years.

The solution to this problem is to partner with Tesson Roofing & Exteriors for your roof restoration needs. Our goal is to save you money by using Greener Shingles to rehydrate your current roof and prevent the need for an expensive roof replacement. Greener Shingles is an environmentally safe solution, which is important to Tesson Roofing & Exteriors. If treated early enough, you can prolong the life span of your roof shingles a lot longer than originally estimated.