Emergency Roof Repair Tips for All Homeowners

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Emergency Roof Repair Tips for All Homeowners

When it comes to repairing your roof, you do not want to wait until the last minute to have a plan. Having a plan in place before anything major happens to your roof can only protect your house and your loved ones. Knowing how to care for your roof in case of an emergency is essential. By following these tips, you will become an emergency roof repair expert that you never thought you could become. 

  • Place a Tarp to Prevent Leaks

When there is water leaking into your home from your roof, then you know there is a definite roofing emergency that must be taken care of immediately to stop additional cosmetic or structural damage. Attach a temporary tarp to the surface until a professional can assess the situation. Tighten the tarp as much as you can onto the roof and smooth it out. Be sure the tarp is placed under the roofing material or placed up and over a ridge. This will stop the water from entering at the top and running underneath. Afterwards, nail down the edges and cover the nail heads with roofing cement. Keep in mind you will need a tarp meant for outdoor use and is big enough to cover the affected area completely.

  • Repair Damaged Shingles and Tighten Loose Ones

When leaks are a result of loose or damaged shingles, you can perform a temporary fix until a professional comes. Reattach loose shingles, and the shingles surrounding them, with adhesive, cement, or roofing nails around the edges. Be sure to keep note of the shingles you’ve reattached so you can share that information with the professional. 

  • Do Not Handle to Big Stuff Yourself

It is easy to try and fix things yourself, especially if you want to save money. However, there are some jobs that need to be left to the professionals for safety reasons. You could also save money later if something more severe happened later due to a mistake made while trying to fix it yourself. A professional team can fix major roof damage such as roof rot or water spots on your ceiling the correct way faster. You also would not have to carry and climb a ladder. 

  • Document the Damage

Even though you shouldn’t climb up on your damaged roof doesn’t mean you cannot do something as soon as you notice the damage. When you see issues starting to occur, do the following:

  1. Take “after” pictures and videos of the damage
  2. Take note in writing of what you believe to be the extent of the damage
  3. Record any estimates, invoices, and bills you get

All this information will aid in making sure you experience a smooth and hassle-free claims process. 

  • Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company and report the damage to your roof. Know what your policy covers and whether your insurance will cover partial or all costs for repair. An inspector will most likely come to your home to assess and verify your claim. 

Repairing a roof is not ideal for anyone but having a plan in case an emergency arises is the smart path to take. It can help you prepare for the worst and protect your home and loved ones. If you have damage to your roof or simply need additional tips on emergency roof repairs, contact Tesson Roofing & Exteriors. We have years of experience in the roofing industry and would be happy to discuss with you any roofing needs you may have. Contact us at (314) 932-1042 to set up an appointment today!