Emergency Roof Repair: When It’s Needed

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Emergency Roof Repair: When It’s Needed

Have you ever experienced roof damage but was not sure if the repairs were an emergency? Thousands of homeowners experience roofing emergencies every year caused by wind and hail, along with other environmental factors. Emergency roof repairs should never be overlooked, and if they are, your entire home could be at risk. 

Compared to most other home repairs and upgrades, any roof repair should be considered urgent. However, there are some roof jobs that are obviously more crucial than others. The most crucial of them all would qualify as true emergencies. 

What Causes a Roofing Emergency?

There are a variety of things that can cause a roofing emergency, both environmental and non-environmental. 

  • Fallen trees or objects. Cracks or holes left behind from fallen trees or objects can leave your home unprotected from outside elements and vulnerable pests. If it is left untreated, this kind of damage will only get worse over time. 
  • Water damage from broken or clogged pipe stacks. Over time, moisture will find its way into your attic or ceiling, leading to mold and mildew. If water damage is left unchecked, the repair can be a hefty price. 
  • High winds and storm damage. The force of wind can cause shingles to rip off your roof, leaving your home unprotected, which can lead to major issues later if left untreated. 
  • Incorrect roof installation. Sadly, not all roofs are installed correctly or with care which can lead to larger problems later if not fixed. 
  • Age. As time goes on, your roof will age, and repairs will be needed. Roof structures become weak over time which leads to leaks, cracks, and holes. These damages allow pests and environmental elements in your house. 

What is an Emergency Roof Repair?

You might be wondering by now what exactly counts as a true roofing emergency. There are many specific situations that can count as a roof repair emergency, including the following four examples. 

  • A tree, branch, or other fallen or wind-borne object has caused a hole in your roof. As a result, your roof is caving in and there is nothing that will keep out the weather and pests from entering your home. 
  • Shingles have been torn off your roof due to a storm causing major leakage spots on your roof. As a result, water enters your home quickly and abundantly when it rains. 
  • A part of your roof has been damaged so badly that a tarp is needed to stop expensive water damage. A temporary patch may be needed, also, to prevent any further damage until a complete repair can be done. 
  • A section of your roof has been burned due to a fire which can compromise the reliability of the roof deck and the roofing it holds, even though the shingles are still intact. You should not wait to get this checked and repaired. 

No matter what caused the damages to your roof, it is important to get these repairs taken care of as soon as possible. If you are unsure of whether the damage to your roof is an emergency, contact Tesson Roofing & Exteriors. Call us today at (314) 932-1042 for a free consultation and free estimate. We will help you find the most cost-efficient method and provide you with quality repair.