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Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC is committed to using only the highest quality materials, which is why we are a certified RHINO Dealer. RHINO gutter guards are one of the most technologically advanced gutter protection systems on the market. It is made of a specially designed net that is installed onto your home’s gutters to keep leaves and other clogging materials out of the gutters. This ensures that drainage systems work more effectively. RHINO gutter guards not only increase the longevity of your gutter system, but will also preserve your roof from water damage in the long run.

 Gutters can fail for a number of reasons, including clogging, snow and ice build-up, and rotten facia and soffit. By using RHINO Gutter Guards, property owners can benefit from dependable, durable gutter protections that offer the following:

  • Lightweight material that doesn’t weigh down gutters

  • Strong and durable, long-lasting

  • RHINO gutter guards can withstand up to 4.5 gallons of rain per minute

  • Backed by a 30 year warranty

  • Affordable and made in the USA

RHINO gutter guards have become an industry standard because they provide fewer failures and more benefits over similar products. They are also extremely cost-effective.

St. Louis Gutter Guard Installation & Warranty. 

At Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC, we firmly believe in the necessity of a quality gutter protection system for your home. That is why we chose to work with the RHINO Gutter Guard system. Not only is the technology state-of-the-art and intended to keep your gutter system functional for a longer time, but it also comes with a special 30 year warranty when installed on any home gutter system.

This limited warranty provides that the brand will ensure the following:

  • Performance Warranty: The RHINO Gutter Guard system will not allow your gutters to be clogged by debris accumulation within your gutter pipes.

  • Material Warranty: The products installed on your home when you purchase the RHINO Gutter Guard system with Tesson will be free from any defect or damage. Furthermore, the finish on the materials will no chip or wear under normal conditions of use.

The RHINO Gutter Guard system prevents gutter damage by a stainless steel mesh overlay on top of your gutter system that keeps debris out of your gutters so that water can flow freely off of your roof and away from the foundation of your home. Learn more about RHINO Gutter Guards and the warranty that comes with them by contacting Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC at (314) 932-1042 today!

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The RHINO Gutter Guards keep your gutters free from excess materials so that the pipes remain free to transport water from your roof and down the drainage system, away from your home’s foundation. To learn more about RHINO Gutter Guards and how you can have them installed on your home with Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC, contact our St. Louis roofing experts by calling or emailing us at support@tessonroofing.com! We look forward to hearing from you.