How can you protect against hail damage?

Significant hailstorms result in millions – and sometimes billions – of dollars in damages to residential, commercial roofs, siding, and outdoor and roof-mounted equipment. Hailstones can be as small as peas or as large as softballs, and the larger ones can cause injury and serious damage.

Hail can occur during strong thunderstorms, and hailstorms may spring up during any season. Being prepared and knowing what to do can help you stay safe and keep damage to a minimum.

Here are four tips to minimize hail damage to your auto, home or business:

  1. Large hail can shatter windows. Closing the drapes, blinds or window shades can help prevent the wind from blowing broken glass into your home or buildings.
  2. Whenever possible, park your vehicles inside a garage or under a carport.
  3. Patio and lawn furniture can be dented, broken or even shattered by hail. Move these items indoors or under a covered area when not in use.
  4. Consider replacing the roof on your home or business with impact-resistant material.

Building? Buying? Need Repairs?

Now is the perfect time to give serious thought to the hazards your home is exposed to such as hail. Your roof is one of the most vulnerable aspects of your house.

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