How Messy is Roof Replacement? | What Post-Roof replacement cleanup looks like

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How Messy is Roof Replacement? | What Post-Roof replacement cleanup looks like

Upon the completion of your new roof installation, commences the crucial second phase: clearing the aftermath to restore your property as if no roofer had been present.

Clearing the Roof: Following installation, our team wields powerful handheld blowers to eliminate debris and granules from the shingles. Dust resulting from vent cuts for your ventilation system, loose granules on the shingles, and debris in the gutters are meticulously blown away.

Gutter Maintenance: We meticulously clear gutters with a magnet to capture any stray nails that might find their way onto your yard or driveway during rain. Downspouts are similarly tended to, ensuring a comprehensive clean-up from the roof to the gutters.

Ground Clean-Up: With your roof gleaming, attention turns to the ground. A thorough visual inspection of your yard and landscaping follows to locate any overlooked roofing debris.

Nail Retrieval: Once residual debris is collected, our team employs powerful magnets across your yard and driveway to catch any stray nails—an essential part of the post-roof replacement clean-up.

Surface Cleaning: Upon wrapping up debris collection, we tidy paved surfaces, followed by the thorough blowing of porches, patios, or any areas where granules or dust may have settled.

Attic Maintenance (if applicable): For attics used for storage or other purposes, discussions about covering the space before the project begin are essential. If covered, our team carefully removes the debris-laden coverings without any spillage into your home.

Impact on Cost:

Ensuring a pristine property during and after a roof replacement does affect the overall cost. This isn’t to inflate expenses but factors in increased labor, crew size, disposal fees, and materials for debris containment and protection.

The expenses tied to these measures may fluctuate among roofing companies but represent an investment in a thorough and impeccable service.

A meticulous clean-up not only ensures your property remains tidy but also reflects our commitment to delivering a complete and satisfactory roofing experience.

Looking to replace your roof but worried about the mess? Call us at (314) 932-1042 for more questions regarding your specific needs, and a professional will walk you through it.