Reliable Roofing Company Checklist

Reliable Roofing Company Checklist

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Reliable Roofing Company Checklist

When it comes to maintaining or replacing your roof, finding a reliable roofing company is crucial. A dependable roofing contractor ensures quality work, uses the best materials, and provides excellent customer service. But how do you identify a trustworthy roofing company? Here’s a checklist to help you find the perfect roofing partner for your needs. At the end, discover why Tesson Roofing is the ideal choice for your roofing projects in the St. Louis area.

Checklist for a Reliable Roofing Company

1. Proper Licensing and Insurance

A reputable roofing company should have the necessary licenses and insurance. This protects you from liability in case of accidents or damage during the roofing project.

  • Verify licenses: Ensure the company holds a valid contractor’s license.
  • Check insurance: Confirm they have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

2. Local Experience and Reputation

Choose a roofing company with a strong presence and positive reputation in your local area.

  • Local reviews: Look for reviews and testimonials from local customers.
  • Established history: Select a company that has been operating locally for several years.

3. Written Estimates and Contracts

Reliable roofing companies provide detailed written estimates and contracts outlining the scope of work, materials to be used, and the project timeline.

  • Transparent pricing: Ensure the estimate includes a clear breakdown of costs.
  • Written agreement: Get a contract that specifies all terms and conditions.

4. Quality Materials

A trustworthy roofing contractor uses high-quality materials from reputable manufacturers, ensuring your roof’s durability and longevity.

  • Material options: Ask about the brands and types of materials they use.
  • Warranties: Check for manufacturer warranties on materials.

5. References and Portfolio

A reliable roofing company should be able to provide references from past clients and a portfolio of completed projects.

  • Past projects: Request to see photos of previous work.
  • Client references: Ask for contact information of past clients to inquire about their experience.

6. Professionalism and Communication

Choose a company that values professionalism and maintains clear communication throughout the project.

  • Responsive communication: Ensure they respond promptly to inquiries.
  • Professional demeanor: Look for professionalism in their interactions, from the initial consultation to project completion.

7. Warranty and After-Sales Service

A reputable roofing company stands behind its work and offers warranties on both materials and labor.

  • Workmanship warranty: Check for a warranty on the contractor’s work.
  • After-sales support: Ensure they provide support for any issues that arise after the project is completed.
Tesson Roofing STL roof company wiht 25 year warranty
Tesson Roofing STL roof company wiht 25 year warranty

Why Tesson Roofing is Your Perfect Choice

Trusted Local Expertise

Tesson Roofing is a locally trusted company with years of experience serving the St. Louis area. Our deep understanding of local weather conditions and building codes ensures your roof is built to last.

Comprehensive Free Estimates

We offer free, comprehensive estimates that provide a clear and detailed breakdown of all costs involved. Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what to expect.

High-Quality Materials

At Tesson Roofing, we use only the highest quality materials from reputable manufacturers. Our commitment to quality ensures that your roof will be durable and long-lasting.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we maintain clear and open communication to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Proven Track Record

We have a strong portfolio of completed projects and numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Our references and past projects speak to our commitment to quality and reliability.

Comprehensive Warranties

Tesson Roofing offers warranties on both materials and workmanship, providing you with peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Get a Free Estimate from Tesson Roofing

Are you ready to start your roofing project with a reliable and trusted company? Tesson Roofing is here to provide you with top-notch service and high-quality results.

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