The Qualities of Reliable Siding Companies in St. Louis

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The Qualities of Reliable Siding Companies in St. Louis

The siding of your home is very important to the overall structure and integrity of your home. When you inspect and maintain your home’s siding on a regular basis, you can see what kind of condition it is in and replace it before any major damage occurs. 

Homeowners tend to procrastinate when it comes to home improvement projects due to the stress of finding a trustworthy contractor. Truth be told, any successful home improvement project does depend on the contractor. The best contractors are experienced, qualified, and trustworthy. Therefore, it is important for any homeowner to take their time to find the right contractor when it comes to making home improvements. 

If you are thinking of replacing your siding soon, the following six important qualities will help you find a trustworthy siding contractor.

Qualities of a Reliable Siding Contractor

  • Contractor Specializes in Siding

One of the first things you want to do when looking for a reliable siding contractor is to ensure they specialize in siding. This will help you feel confident in their work knowing they are experts in their field, will do their job right, and they will address any potential problems before they happen. 

  • Contractor Has Insurance

When any contractor has insurance, then you know you are working with a reliable company. A trustworthy contractor will be able to show you their insurance details without hesitation. If a siding contractor does not have proper and adequate insurance, do not work with them. Also, most contractor insurance only lasts for one year, so make sure to check their insurance is up to date. Choosing a contractor with insurance is important because it will protect you from being responsible if a worker gets hurt while completing a project for your home. A sure sign that a contractor does not have insurance or is under-insured is a very low bid. 

  • Contractor is Licensed

A licensed contractor is highly important because it shows they are credible and an expert in their field. A license will show you that the contractor knows building codes and processes, which lowers the risk of you overpaying for unprofessional work. 

  • Contractor Has Been in Business for Awhile

The amount of time a contractor has been in business does not necessarily mean they are less trustworthy than those who have been in business for a while. However, the length of time is generally a good indication of their professionalism and quality of work. 

  • References and Online Reviews

A siding contractor who is trustworthy will offer transparency with their online reviews, as well as honestly share with you reviews from past customers on third party websites such as Google Reviews and Home Advisor. The longer a contractor has been in business, the more references they should have. Make sure you check references carefully. Current references will provide you with an idea of what other homeowners thought of the contractor’s work, while long term references show the actual performance of their work. A contractor who is trustworthy and professional will not hesitate to give you references and provide links to third party review sites. If they are hesitant, do not choose them as your contractor. 

  • Contractor Can Provide You with Sufficient Details of the Project

A contractor who is trustworthy will be able to offer you a proposal that will completely explain the project and the exact materials that will be used. The proposal needs to include information such as permits and who is responsible for getting them, the types of products they will use including color and material, manufacture warranty specifications, the daily clean-up, payment terms, and preliminary inspection details. 

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