5 Big Mistakes Cheap Roofing Companies Make

Top 5 Mistakes Cheap Roofing Companies Make

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Top 5 Mistakes Cheap Roofing Companies Make

Investing in a new roof is a significant decision that homeowners aim to make wisely, hoping for longevity and reliability. However, many crucial aspects of roof installation remain concealed, leaving only the shingles visible from the outside. This situation renders assessing a roof’s quality merely by visual inspection ineffective. This report is crafted to offer insight into prevalent roofing errors and shortcuts made by many contractors and how to steer clear of them.


A common blunder leading to roof shingle damage is the use of improper nailing techniques. Often, damaged shingles reveal instances where too few nails were employed or where nails were placed too high. Roofers opt for such shortcuts due to their cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and speed, albeit at the expense of quality. Unfortunately, homeowners may remain unaware of poorly nailed shingles until it’s too late. The solution lies in prioritizing correct nailing practices from the outset.


The majority of roof protection remains concealed, making it challenging for homeowners to discern whether a roof is appropriately installed. Unscrupulous roofers may cut corners, opting for cheaper methods, knowing that clients won’t notice. It is imperative to engage a meticulous roofer who transparently outlines all necessary steps, including starter strips, high-quality ice and water barriers, synthetic underlayments, full perimeter flashing, and other essential components. Skimping on these elements may result in long-term costs.


The suggestion of overlaying shingles should trigger alarm bells for homeowners. Overlaying hides existing damage, voids warranties, and accelerates shingle deterioration due to trapped heat. Any roofer advocating for overlaying should be promptly replaced. Opting for a complete roof replacement may incur additional costs initially, but it ensures longevity and adds resale value with a transferable warranty.


Low-quality roof shingles often lack a robust nailing strip, leading to tearing, ripping, and blow-off. Utilizing high-quality materials like the SureStart strip by Owens Corning enhances durability and protects against wind damage for years. Homeowners may not be aware of this aspect of roofing practice, underscoring the importance of ensuring the roofer’s familiarity with such details.


Effective communication and follow-through are hallmarks of a reputable roofing contractor. While perfection may be elusive, a quality company prioritizes rectifying mistakes promptly. Homeowners deserve a professional contractor capable of addressing inquiries before, during, and after the project, including providing pressure-free estimates and thorough post-project cleanup.

When It’s Time To Call a Professional Roofer:

Choosing the right partner for a roofing project, whether due to damage or age-related replacement, is paramount. An ill-informed decision could exacerbate issues. Tesson Roofing stands as a reliable partner, boasting a 5-star rating across all platforms, a commitment to exceeding expectations. We aim to redefine standards in contractor-client relationships. Give us a call today or get a FREE QUOTE here!