How Commercial Roofing Can Save Energy & Lower Cost

How Commercial Roofing Can Save Energy & Lower Cost

Whether a business has a flat roof, low-sloped roof or a pitched roof, making the decision to use commercial roofing material can help save energy and lower costs for the business owner. Deciding what commercial roofing fits your business is a valuable long-term investment.

Commercial roofs come in a variety of materials which are determined by the structure of the building. Two examples of roofing material are TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) – both are made from extremely durable rubber membrane. Choosing which material is best depends on the needs of the business.  

Reflecting More Sunlight

When using roofing material, it may be important to consider what color the rubber membrane should be based on the external environment. TPO roofing generally has a lighter colored membrane, which is more reflective to the sunlight, which is designed to absorb less heat. Absorbed light can allow the roof to reflect more light which means it will heat up the building and increase cooling costs. Installing a light-colored roof can help keep the building cooler, reducing the cooling costs for the business.

On the other hand, using EPDM, which generally has a darker colored rubber membrane, can be beneficial in areas where the climate is colder. The darker color can provide heat retention – reducing the overall heating required for a building and saving money to the business owner. 

Reducing Energy Bills

Installing a commercial roof on a business can make it more energy-efficient and can help cut down on the monthly energy bills. Using the wrong material or having a roof installed improperly can put greater strain on the heating and cooling system, leading to higher energy bills. As mentioned before, it is important to consider the business location and climate so that a decision on what type of roofing material should be used can be made. 

Reduce Water Leaks

When properly installed, a commercial roof can also provide less risk for water leaks – preventing any mold damage, reducing the need for unnecessary repair and maintenance. Using the proper roofing material will be beneficial in making sure the building and the roof is long lasting and cost-effective. Proper maintenance – cleaning, recoating, repairing – can also ensure the longevity of the roof, reducing the need for costly roof repair in the future. 

Choosing the best material needed for a business’s roofing needs can optimize environment efficiency and can help reduce cooling and heating expenses. 

As a business owner it is important to remember that a weakened roof can cause a potential for liability that may harm employees or customers. The business roof is an investment! It is best to hire a roofing company to help you determine which type of roofing material will be best.  Roofing professionals can successfully install the roof which will limit unforeseen problems in the future.

If you are looking to reduce your roof’s energy costs, contact a professional who can address any questions or concerns. If you would like to learn more about commercial roofing and how it can help save your businesses’ energy costs, give Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC a call at 314-932-1042! We will take time to help you understand all of your options and all of the benefits they can provide!