How will Tesson protect my property during roof replacement?

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How will Tesson protect my property during roof replacement?

Professional roofing contractors like Tesson take precautions to safeguard your property before commencing roof replacement.

Here’s a summary what we do:

  1. Attic Protection: Covering your attic shields it from debris by placing plastic or tarping over everything, ensuring a clean space post-replacement.
  2. Landscaping Shield: To protect your greenery, they either attach tarps along the roofline or angle wooden boards against walls to divert debris away from plants and flowers.
  3. HVAC Care: They cover the HVAC system, often using wooden boards, but prefer methods allowing airflow to prevent damage from blocked air.
  4. Pool Coverage: If you have a pool, a new tarp covers it entirely during the replacement to avoid fiberglass from shingles damaging the water and pumps.
  5. Patio and Decking: Items on the patio or deck are moved or covered with tarps to safeguard them, ensuring they’re returned to their original positions.
  6. Paved Surfaces Only: All roofing vehicles and the dump trailer are strictly kept on paved surfaces to protect the lawn and underground utilities, preventing damage to grass, sprinklers, gas lines, and more.

For more details on preparing for roof repair or the cleanup afterwards, call (314) 932-1042 to speak with a professional who will guide you through your unique needs. Ready to get started? Click here for a FREE estimate!