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Roof Inspection After Winter

Roof Inspection After Winter

Winter storms with snow, ice, wind, and cold temperatures can cause a lot of destruction to your roof. The elements can create common issues that when addressed in a timely manner are fixable but when left unattended can also lead to major problems and expensive repairs in the future. Once the snow has melted and winter has ended, it is important that the roof is inspected for damages. If you are interested in checking the roof yourself before calling a company, the following easy tips will help you do just that.

Post-Winter Inspection Tips

Inspect Shingles

Begin by assessing the entire roof for loose or curled shingles, loose tiles, and damaged or detached flashing. Keep in mind that you are only assessing with your eyes. Do not physically disturb any of the potential problems as this could cause more damage. If you notice missing or curled shingles, look for cracks in the roof in the spot the shingles should be. Any flashing that has come unattached needs to be secured back if it is not damaged. If the flashing is damaged, then it will need to be replaced. 


When inspecting the gutters, you should plan on cleaning them as well. Take out debris, such as tree branches, leaves, and dirt. Using a hose or pressure washer will give you a more effective clean as well as provide a better opportunity to notice any damage. Water needs nto run freely through the gutter system so there is no chance of overflow, leaving water to leak into the roof. 

Remove Moss

Removing moss is a simple way of keeping your roof in great shape. If the moss is dry, then you can use a broom to sweep it off. Otherwise, you will need to use a moss removal product and then sweep it off after it is killed. 

Interior Inspection

When you are finished assessing the outside, proceed inside to check the interior ceilings for water stains. If you notice only water stains and no water damage, you can simply fix this issue by painting over it. Be sure to check for interior roofing or ceiling cracks as the weight of snow can cause these issues. When there are cracks in the interior, it allows more water to run through, eventually damaging the foundation. 

Each passing winter increases the chances of damage to your roof. Performing a yearly inspection can prevent the need for future professional work and costs. Although these tips appear to be simple and easy ways of assessing your roof after extreme winter weather, they can also be dangerous. To stay safe and prevent injuries, it is recommended that you hire a professional to inspect and fix any damage. If you decide to do it yourself, remember to be careful, stay safe, and always have someone around while you are on a roof. 

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