Vinyl versus Fiber Cement Sidings – Which Is the Best Option For You?

Vinyl versus Fiber Cement Sidings – Which Is the Best Option For You?

When you are in the beginning process of construction or updating your current home, considering what type of sidings to have installed is a very important and personal decision. With so many options on the market, it should be your top priority to use the best-quality materials with long-lasting benefits. 

Vinyl sidings are a popular and common option because they are usually the cheapest compared to other forms of siding; however, they are not the most durable or the easiest to maintain. If you want the best-quality materials for your home, fiber cement sidings may be the best option for you!

Fiber Cement Sidings are made from Portland cement, sand water and cellulose fibers. Unlike vinyl sidings, fiber cement sidings are made from sustainable materials, making them long-lasting and easier to maintain! Understanding the benefits of using fiber cement sidings can help you to make the best decision to meet your needs.


The exterior of your home faces the potential for damage from extreme weather conditions, and it is very important that the best-quality materials are used during construction or renovations. Siding can become loose, bent, buckled, cracked or deformed due to high winds, heavy rains and other types of storm damage. Fiber cement siding is thicker compared to vinyl siding making it easier to withstand weather conditions. 

Fiber cement sidings are known for being fire-resistant and will not warp or melt under high heat conditions, giving them a longer life-span. They can withstand damage from moisture and rot and are easy to maintain and keep clean.


While vinyl sidings are cheaper than the cost of fiber cement sidings, they require more routine maintenance, repair and replacement. Investing in fiber cement sidings can reduce the amount of costly repairs in the future – making them the more cost-effective option!


If you’re looking to increase your home’s curb-appeal with how the exterior of your home looks, fiber cement sidings are a great option. Fiber cement siding combines beautiful design with high performance! These sidings can mimic the look of natural wood, stone and trim – and they offer several different color options! Because they come in so many colors and textures, fiber cement sidings can fit whatever aesthetic you’re trying to accomplish.

Ultimately, the siding material that you choose will come down to personal choice and the recommendations made to you by your contractor. Each contractor has their own method and technique for repair and installation which is why it is important that they inspect your home or property to develop the right plan for your project. 

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